About Us

Innovation Economy Partners was created from the parent organization JumpStart Inc. JumpStart is a non-profit, venture development organization that is focused on developing a vibrant entrepreneurial economy in Northeast Ohio.

In 2011, JumpStart America was created to provide economic support to communities beyond Northeast Ohio. Over the course of the next 5 years, JumpStart partnered with over 30 communities across the country and internationally to help them drive their economy forward. JumpStart America focused on the following core areas of support: innovation strategy & planning, workforce solutions, and above all we helped communities leverage their data and analytics to drive a measurable impact and outcomes.

In 2016, JumpStart America was divested into a standalone entity. The new organization is now called, Innovation Economy Partners. JumpStart Inc. and Innovation Economy Partners, maintain a critical strategic partnership that allows the two entities to effectively serve communities.

A Renewed Focus on Rural. While our efforts and strategies in many ways are universal and are helpful to rural, suburban, micro and metropolitan communities alike. We believe that there is not sufficient economic support being provided in the rural arenas. As such, going forward, our team has established an explicit focus on understanding and addressing the economic challenges of the rural America.